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Next Catalyst Event

Our Next Catalyst for Change Webinar

Event: Workforce Development & Reskilling: Releasing the Energy of America’s Workers
Date: Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021,  2:00 p.m.
Fee: Free, Registration Required

The U.S. is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers at the same time as unemployment and underemployment remain high, and while wages have barely moved in 10 years. Why? The answer: Too many people don’t have the training or skills needed to secure those higher paying and rewarding jobs.

That’s where workforce development and reskilling come in.

Programs such as Elevate Virginia, Fast Forward Virginia, and government funded educational programs like those offered by Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) provide workers with the ability to secure training and earn certifications and even their GED/High School diplomas. Creative uses of Cares Act funding such as by the City of Manassas has dedicated $400,000 for just this purpose.

What are the well-paying jobs, in which industries? What are the skills and training workers need to secure one? How do I transform my company through worker reskilling? Should my company develop an apprentice program?

Topics to be discussed:

  • What are the high-growth, well-paying jobs I should target?
  • What are the skills and training needed to get a good job?
  • What should my company do differently to attract high potential workers?
  • How does my company assess its new needs and reskill workers?
  • How do I plan for a career and not only a job?
  • What are the programs to help me get started?

Our Most Recent Catalyst for Change Webinar

Event: Agile Innovation: How Building Momentum Unleashes Creativity
Date: Thursday, July 15, 2021,  11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Topics discussed:

  • What are the building blocks to innovation?
  • How can you learn to think differently?
  • Who else should you include to solve a problem anew?
  • How to create a safe space to innovate?
  • How to adopt technologies from other industries?
  • What is the role of failure in success?
  • How do diversity and inclusion lead to creativity?

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